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— Projects —

Here’s where you’ll find the creative endeavours that keep me busy and (mostly) out of trouble. From sharing my grooves across the dancefloors and airwaves to spreading my graphics on all sorts of physical and digital canvases, I’m always working on something. You can contact me about any of my projects.


Radio shows

My passion for radio has seen me host a regular show on Chase, before moving on to my Chunks of Funk show on Bruzz (Sundays 6 - 7 PM). Listen to my shows and hopefully you’ll discover some nice new grooves along the way.

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Liz Aku

You can find me on stage with the love of my life, Liz Aku. Her voice invokes jazzy sweetness and soulful finger snaps, she stands fluid and strong. We're performing with a full band and as a duo, Liz on the mic and myself behind the turntables.

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Writings on the wall

Sometimes street art, sometimes just art on a wall. I try to spread positive messages in my work. I have a particular penchant for striking, captivating typography, and I aim to make people stop and pay attention when they see my work.

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Chunks of Funk

My party that’s been running since December 2011. We play everything from beats to bossa and hip-hop to house. I invite local and international DJs and musicians, from relative unknowns to established legends. It’s also a weekly radio show on FM Brussel (Sundays 6 - 7 PM).

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My mixtapes allow me total free reign to take listeners wherever I want to. They are carefully crafted expeditions, not spontaneous sequences like my club sets. Sometimes, a small sample or word reminds me of another track and that's just enough to make the switch. Dig in and zone out.

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Graphic design

This is where you’ll find all my graphic work that isn’t painted on a wall. Logos, screen prints, t-shirt designs, frisbee designs, stickers and more to feast your eyes on, using a range of materials and disciplines to bring my visions to life.

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De Predikanten (archive)

Some time ago I formed part of a hip-hop trio that enjoyed some success in Belgium. I was the DJ for the act alongside Nephtali and Baron Duyck, and we made jazzy, funky rap music. We received heavy rotation from Belgium’s Radio 1 and JIM tv, some nice press attention and played …

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DJ Bookings
Rob Coninx
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Graphic inquiries
Mr. Leenknecht
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