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Radio shows — Chunks of Funk vol. 95: Babani Records takeover —
11 Jul 2018


Over summer Mr. Leenknecht gives away his radio slot to friends and family. The first one is a very special one cause they never ever shared anything from this project before. Watch out for the brand new record label Babani Records from Mauritius who’s hosting the first Chunks of Funk takeover. A mixtape brewed with upcoming material and edits.

Babani Records: Letting the ravanne flow in such a way that one becomes enchanted and mesmerized by its wavelengths. It has as foundation in keeping a raw and unprocessed essence of the islands’ vibration. While fusing electronic influences, Babani aims in conveying sparks the crude genre evokes. With a tropical piece of mind, the label shares an opinion of music, having for soul and existence heading from the Mascarene islands, and merged with influences far outside their geographic boundaries; bridging cultures and bringing music closer.


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Artists: Babani Records (MU)

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