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Radio shows — Chunks of Funk vol. 79: Beraber, Sue Avenue, … —
12 Nov 2017


Sunday afternoon 6 O'clock, in my pyjamas, live from my new living room. Just installed the DJ booth in the new house. Finally.
No talking, just music.

In 2016, Chunks of Funk was chosen ‘Best Online Music Show (Eclectic)’ at The Online Radio Awards. You can listen on Bruzz (Brussels, Sundays from 6 PM UTC+1), on Ness Radio (Marrakesh, Tuesdays from 11 AM, Fridays from 3 PM and Sundays from 4 PM UTC), on Reform Radio (Manchester, Thursdays from 12 AM UTC), on Neringa FM (Vilnius, Tuesdays from 8 PM UTC+2), and of course at any time, from anywhere you can stream every single episode on Mixcloud.

Promos and demos welcome.


James Brown - Mind Power
Anderson .Paak - Come Dawn (Axl Remix)
Hunrosa - All (Jonny Drop Remix)
Freestyle Fellowship - Cornbread
Sir Own - Hooked (Kon's Nite Time Remix)
KOKOKO! - Tokoliana
Aroop Roy - Todo Mundo Tem Amor
Sue Avenue - Anuscreme
Beraber - Sun Ritual (Vincent Floyd Remix)
Stevie Wonder - All I Do (Single Version (Alternate Intro))
Cid Rim - Furnace
Fringe Character - Pleiades (feat. Daewong, Red Leonard, Dudu Stinks)
Big L - Put It On
DAYO - Snippet
Nag & Lefto - Namaste
Brihang - Ze Zij Me

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