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Radio shows — Chunks of Funk vol. 54: Omar, Bonobo, RTJ, … —
18 Jan 2017


Yay!! Pascoe is back from his five week radio-holiday. I'm very happy to have him back in the studio. That might be the reason for the long introduction speech but hang in there. Great music coming up!!

In 2016, Chunks of Funk was chosen ‘Best Online Music Show (Eclectic)’ at The Online Radio Awards. You can listen on Bruzz (Brussels, Sundays from 6 PM CET), on Reform Radio (Manchester, Saturdays from 9 PM UTC), on Neringa FM (Vilnius, Tuesdays from 8 PM EET), on Ness Radio (Marrakesh, Tuesdays from 11 AM, Fridays from 3 PM and Sundays from 4 PM UTC) and of course at any time, from anywhere you can stream every single episode on Mixcloud.

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Omar - Feeds My Mind (feat. Floacist)
Gagle - Blah! Blah! Someswing
Emily King - The Switch
The Essence - The Music (ft. Cfour & Brihang)
Mor Thiam - Ayo Ayo Nene (Blessing For The New Born Baby)
DJ Nu-Mark - Tropicalifornia (feat. Quantic)
The Traffic - White Lines
Super Lover CEE & Casanova RUD - Romeo
Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)
Pavel Dovgal - Quency (Feat. Mujuice)
Crossbeat - 9160 (Bismarck remix)
Run The Jewels - Call Ticketron
Lurka - KMT
Nickodemus & Simbad - BerimBOOM
Omar - Vicky's Tune (feat. Robert Glasper & Ty)

Artists: Mr. Leenknecht (BE), Pascoe Sabido (UK)

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