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Radio shows — Chunks of Funk vol. 50: Zwangere Guy, Tall Black Guy, … —
14 Dec 2016


Coming back from a party with a lack of sleep is always a bit difficult for me. On such days I'd rather get in the sofa and fall asleep while watching a nature documentary, but as soon as I put on the first record, I realise that music is my shot of espresso or even my instant medicine.

Enjoy the show.

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Yvonne Fair - Let your hair down
Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - Callin' Me Back                                                      
Zwangere Guy - Dokter Guy                                                           
Steve Spacek - If U Want To Find Me                                                 
A Tribe Called Quest - Enough!!                                                             
Faisal - Zehma                                                                
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa                                                         
Black Flower - Abeba Zeybekiko                                                      
Flevans - Reach Out                                                            
Black Sun - Le Love                                                              
291out - Urania (Alternate)                                                   
Tall Black Guy - Come With Me And Fly (ft Yusef Rumperfield)                          
The Manuel Azevedo Quartet - Futebol de bar                                                       
Chocolat's - El Caravanero                                                        
Ofege - Burning Jungle                                                       
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Through The Grapevine [The Reflex Revision]

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