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Radio shows — Chilled out Chunks vol. 1 by Kinoli, Jona and Mr. Leenknecht —
22 Jun 2017


Over summer, I'm gonna change the ‘Chunks of Funk’ concept to something more laid back. With ‘Chilled out Chunks’ I'll offer you a relaxing summer selection. This particular set is part two of what was recorded the 3rd of September 2016 by Jona, Kinoli and myself at Bar Bricolage in Ghent, Belgium. +90% vinyl.

In 2016, Chunks of Funk was chosen ‘Best Online Music Show (Eclectic)’ at The Online Radio Awards. You can listen on Bruzz (Brussels, Sundays from 6 PM UTC+2), on Ness Radio (Marrakesh, Tuesdays from 11 AM, Fridays from 3 PM and Sundays from 4 PM UTC+1), on Reform Radio (Manchester, Tuesdays from 1 PM UTC+1), on Neringa FM (Vilnius, Tuesdays from 8 PM UTC+3), and of course at any time, from anywhere you can stream every single episode on Mixcloud.

Promos and demos welcome.


Tracklist not provided.

Artists: DJ Jona (BE), Kinoli (BE), Mr. Leenknecht (BE)

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